Preserving the Rich History of Willowsford Land

Swart Farmstead Historical Park

This Willowsford Park highlights the remaining foundations of a farmstead that belonged to Adrian and Martha Swart in the second half of the 1800s. Excavation and research helped Willowsford reveal how the Swarts, a prosperous farm family, worked and lived. The Swart Farmstead is just one of many historical sites on which Willowsford has performed archaeological investigations to help tell the story of the land we live on. Read More ...
Swart park 7

The Stone Dairy

The stone building in front of the Sycamore Pool is what remains of a farmstead built circa 1800. Standing through two centuries in Loudoun County, the stone dairy, smokehouse and farmhouse (pictured below in a photograph from 1982) were home to many Loudoun County families like the Lees, Laceys, Millers, and Shockeys. The dairy, part of the resident’s domestic yard and garden area, is the only building left standing today. But in true Willowsford custom, stone from the farmhouse was used in the construction of The Tenant House Information Center. Read More ... 
Stone Dairy Present

Julia Jackson Pond & Park

This pond and surrounding park area are named in memory of Julia Neale Jackson (1798-1831), the mother of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, who would become one of the Civil War’s best-known Confederate generals. Julia Neale Jackson was born in a small cabin on “Peach Orchard Farm.” Archaeologists believe the actual site of her dwelling is located on Willowsford open space, now maintained by the not-for-profit Willowsford Conservancy. Read More ...
JJ Pond 2