Civility Pledge

The Civility Pledge is a commitment to fostering a climate of open discussion and debate, mutual respect, and tolerance between all who live in, work in, and visit our community.

1. We expect each individual, whether a resident, guest, board or committee member, community association manager, staff member, business partner, or contractor, to be accountable for his or her own actions and words.

2. We believe all interactions in the community should be civil despite any differences of opinion on a particular issue. We believe in finding common ground and engaging in civil discussion about community issues important to each of us.

3. We vow to respect all points of view and will strive to provide a reasonable opportunity for all to express their views openly—without attacks and antagonization. We agree to keep our discussions focused on the business issues at hand, as well as on the ideas and desired outcomes.

4. We urge all residents to be engaged and informed. Get to know your neighbors, your board members, and your community manager. Attend meetings, join a committee, or serve on the board. Understand the community’s rules, regulations, and covenants, and the value they add. Ask questions, share your opinions, and vote.

5. We also encourage all residents to review Community Associations Institute’s (CAI) Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities. The principles laid out in the document can serve as important guideposts for all those involved in our community: residents, guests, board and committee members, community association managers, staff members, business partners, and contractors.

6. We believe these commitments to civility, as well as engaged and informed residents, are a vital part of our shared goal of being a vibrant, thriving community.