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New Waste Service Provider: Action Required!

The Board of Directors approved Patriot Disposal as the community’s new waste removal company starting in 2020. Here's some important information regarding the transition and answers to FAQs:
Patriot Cart Delivery

  • New carts are being delivered now through Dec 23rd
  • New carts are 96 gallon trash and 64 gallon recycling
  • If you have not received both carts by Dec 26th please contact HOA@willowsford.com
Republic Cart Retrieval
  • Set BOTH Republic Service trash and recycling carts out on the evening of Dec 30th so that they get picked up
  • Republic carts will be picked up between Dec 31st – Jan 3rd
  • Republic’s last service day is Dec 31st
  • Carts will be picked up by a separate team, not by those picking up trash/recycling. If your cart is not picked up by January 6th, please leave it curbside and contact HOA@willowsford.com
Patriot Disposal Service schedule beginning January 1, 2020
  • Trash: Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Recycling: Tuesdays
  • Yard Waste: Mondays (March 1st – Dec 24th)
  • Christmas Tree Pickup: Mondays, January 6th & 13th. Trees with decorations or put in bags will not be picked up


Q: What if I’m out of town on the cart pick up day?
A: If you will be out of town for a few days around pick up day, you may set your carts out early, however, if you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time surrounding pick up day, please ask a neighbor or a local friend/family member for assistance. You may leave the carts outside your garages so that someone else can bring them to the curb for you.
Q: I have four carts and cannot store them all out of sight. What should I do?
A: During the transition, you may store the additional two carts outside your garage; however, please ensure they’re stored neatly and as inconspicuously as possible. The Community Standards Team is aware of the transition.
Q: What if all my recycling doesn’t fit in the cart?
A: Recycling carts are 64 gallons. Overflow recycling may be placed outside of your cart and will be picked up. Please ensure excess recycling is broken down and secured.
What if all my trash doesn’t fit in the cart?
A: Trash carts are 96 gallons, the largest available. If your trash does not fit inside the cart you may hold the trash until the next service day. Trash placed outside of the trash carts will not be picked up.
Q: Why won’t Patriot pick up trash not placed in the cart?
A: Patriot Disposal and many other waste service providers nationwide are switching to automated lift trucks to create a safer work environment for their employees. These trucks do not require employees to get out of the vehicle, rather, the automatic arm lifts the trash cart and empties the contents into the truck.    
Q: I’ve received only one cart so far. Am I getting a second one?
A: Yes. Cart deliveries are currently in process and two different sized carts are being delivered, possibly at different times. If you have not received two new carts by Dec 26th, please email
Q: The lid on the new cart doesn’t close all the way. What should I do?
A: This is normal given how the carts have been stored while in transit. Carts will return to normal shape within a few weeks and the lids should close fully. If you are still having issues with your cart closing after a few weeks, please email
Q: What if I have larger items that need to be picked up?
A: Patriot provides special pickup for certain items. Please contact them directly to schedule pickups.
See more information here.
Click here for more FAQs on Patriot Disposal’s website, including what can be recycled, what’s considered yard waste, weather policies, etc. If you have reviewed this information and have questions not addressed in this email, please email HOA@willowsford.com for further assistance.

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