Lost & Found in the Wilds of Willowsford - Summer Camp

Week 2, 6/25 - 6/29 at Cedar Pond Pavilion (Ages 9-12), $330/camper

Willowsford campers can enroll for a special treat this summer – a week “in the wilds of Willowsford”, making newly-built Cedar Pond Pavilion their base camp.  Nestled in the woods on scenic Cedar Pond, the pavilion and spacious deck provide direct access to the trails, woods, stream and pond, and the wildlife that lives nearby.  

Cedar Pond Pavilion is easily accessible from Grassland Grove Drive, with ample parking nearby.  Detailed directions will be provided before camp.  

Join us for an exciting week of hands-on nature exploration, including:


Exploring Signs of Wildlife
The campers will start the day with a hike to Beaver Dam Pond where we hope to see the beavers swimming or working. We’ll spend the day looking for signs of wildlife such as tracks, scat, and nests of animals that live in Willowsford’s forests. We will identify animal tracks and make casts of any clear prints. Campers will participate in games related to food webs and look for and listen to the wild world that surrounds them at Cedar Pond and along the trails. Campers can record their adventures and observations in a nature journal throughout the week. 


The Exciting Life of a Raptor
Campers will learn how to identify raptors and other common birds they may see around their homes and throughout the Conservancy’s forests, grasslands and wetlands. We will open owl pellets and determine the prey the owls ate from the bones we find within the pellet. Through activities and games, we will explore predator prey relationships and migration of birds. 


The Wonders Found in Streams and Ponds
There is a whole amazing world lurking below the surface of water and along the banks. We will spend the day exploring ponds and streams and discovering macroinvertebrates, amphibians, fish, and plants. Campers will learn about the important roles these organisms play in their habitat, using nets and buckets to collect samples from the stream and identify their specimens before releasing them back into the wild. 


Bats, Bees, and Snakes, Oh My!
What we often think of as “pests” are actually animals that are very important to us and our environment. We will spend the day learning about these beneficial creatures and their roles in nature.  We will also identify some common invasive plants and animals, their impact on the environment, and how we can support native species in our yards and parks. Throughout the week, campers will learn hiking and nature exploration techniques, and how to identify and safely deal with potentially harmful critters and plants.  


Treasure Hunt
Mimicry and camouflage are two ways animals and plants survive in their habitats. We will investigate different techniques organisms use to trick us or their predators. Using handheld GPS units and nature survival skills, we will then test our ability to find the hidden “treasures”. 

*Want to send your child to camp but wish they could bring a friend? Invite your cousins, classmates, and friends to join your child in summer camp this year. Just register through your Willowsford Life account. 

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