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Swiss Winery

Swiss Wine Maker Dinner

Saturday, March 9th from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at The Lodge.  Join us for a special night with Swiss wine maker David Delea.  Delea Vineyards, one of the most prestigious wineries in Switzerland, has chosen Willowsford as one of a handful of visits they will make in Virginia.  Willowsford Kitchen has put together a delicious menu using products from Willowsford Farm and local purveyors to perfectly pair with Swiss wines.  $90/person.  Register here!

Hors d'oeuvres

Spring White and Green Asparagus with Prosciutto


Beet Cured Salmon with Shaved Fennel and Citrus
House-made Wurst and Sauerkraut, Bacon Wrapped Prune and Apple Coulis
Local Veal in Mushroom Cream over Rosti Potato


Apple Tart with Cider Caramel and Brandied Ice Cream
Chef Bonnie's Swiss Chocolates

Follow-Up Grant School Site Informational Meeting

An informational meeting will be held Wednesday, February 6th at 6:30 PM at The Lodge. Representatives of the Karter School will provide a status update of issues raised at the meetings in July and September as well as present their updated proposed plan for a childcare center at the intersection of Route 50 and Everfield Dr. next to The Grant’s Southern entrance.

Board Meeting Summary

The Board met January 10th, and the following notable actions were taken: Three (3) new clubs were established; Networking Group, Supper Club and Book Club.  The Board approved revisions to the Amenity Rental Application and Contract as well as recognized two (2) Founder Actions; DRC Appointments and an Amendment to the 11th Charter Amendment regarding Vineyard lots.  The Board also approved contract renewals for fob software and VOIP phone system as well as proposals for The Lodge Bathhouse renovations and white coating of the activity pool. Additionally, staff has reached out to Supervisor Buffington’s office for an update regarding the request for a traffic calming study on Bloomfield Path sent in November to the County Board of Supervisors for consideration. Policies, Minutes, Amenity Rental Application/contract, and recorded Founder Actions are available to view on WillowsfordLife.com.   

Residents Appointed to Design Review Committee

We are excited to announce that Max Harwell and Scott McIntosh have been appointed to the DRC by the Founder! The Committee now includes four members: one consultant, one development team member, and two residents. Thank you to all the volunteers and we look forward to adding more residents in the future!

Board of Directors Meeting 

The Board of Directors meets every other month. The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 14 at 5:30 PM at Sycamore House. There is a slight change to the order of business; Executive Session will be moved to the end of the meeting so please attend at 5:30 PM for Open Session including resident comment period and matters for decision.

Winter Weather Procedures 

It’s that time again! Please click HERE for Willowsford's Snow Removal Policy and other important winter weather information.

Design Review

For DRC applications, Design Guidelines and more information, click here

  • Application Deadline - February 13th 

  • Pre-review Meeting - February 20th 

  • DRC Meeting - February 27th

Valentine's Sweet Shop

Valentine’s Sweet Shop

Sunday, February 10th from 12 to 2 PM at The Lodge.  Join Willowsford Kitchen for a sweet workshop to celebrate Saint Valentine.  Work in groups at a variety of stations to shape, fill, finish and decorate delicious treats.  The treats that are created will be divided up between the class to take home to share with family or to give as Valentine's gifts to that special someone. Register here!  
  • $80 Adult/Child pair (children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult)
  • $60 Children 8 and up*
  • *if you would like to attend with your child that is 8 or older, you must register for an Adult/Child pair
Menu of Sweet Treats

Sparkly Valentine Sugar Cookies
Look Into Your Heart Cookies
Housemade Marshmallows 
Coconut Macaroon Kisses
Chocolate Hazelnut Lady Kisses

Lunch Menu

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Italian Wine Duel

Saturday, March 7th from 6:30 PM to 9 PM at Sycamore House.  Join Chef Bonnie Moore and Sommelier Nick Materese as they guide you through a taste comparison of neighboring Italian wines alongside a series of small plates.  Each dish will be paired with dueling glasses of Italian wines.  You decide which pairing wins!  This event is for adults 21 and over only.  $85/person. Register here!

On the Menu

Chilled Shrimp with Fennel, Olive Oil and Lemon
Red Wine Risotto with Proscuitto and Parmesan
Veal Ragu, Roasted Farm Tomatoes and Rosemary over Creamy Polenta
Chocolate Budino with Hazelnut Cookies

Willowsford Mercantile

Shop Willowsford Mercantile, our exclusive online boutique. Featured products include the 2018 holiday ornament, wine glasses, backpacks, and other Willowsford-branded merchandise. Orders will be available for pick-up at Sycamore House; please allow one full week from date of purchase for your order to be processed. Please note, supplies are limited. SHOP WITH US!


  • Mixology Class with AhSo- March TBD

  • CAPS Game on the Big Screen & Chili Cook Off – March 8th 

  • Spring Acoustic Fireside – March 15th 
  • Date Night in the Kitchen - March 30th 
club collage

Brew Club & Bourbon Club

The Willowsford Brew Club and Willowsford Bourbon Club are hosting a joint meeting on Friday, February 1st at The Lodge from 6:30 to 10:30 PM to explore the fine art of Bourbon-Aged Beer. 

Bourbon can be produced anywhere in the United States, but most bourbons are produced in Kentucky. Bourbon must contain at least 51% corn. The rest is a mixture of some barley for the fermentation process, as well as rye and/or wheat. Today, many bourbons are produced using the sour mash process. American whiskey is mainly distilled in column stills.  Bourbon must be aged in toasted casks made from American white oak for at least 4 years in fresh unless otherwise stated.  

Beer is produced by fermenting cereal grains including barley, wheat, corn and rice with yeast.  Classic beers use malted barley that provides color while corn and rice can produce lighter lagers and pilsners. The grains are steeped in hot water to extract the sugars and then boiled prior to fermentation.  Hops can be added during the steeping or the fermentation process to add additional flavors.  There is no distillation process when brewing beer.

For Bourbon-aged beer, the fermentation process occurs in toasted white oak casks the have been decanted of bourbon.  Typically, fermentation can take several weeks or longer depending on the yeast.  This cask conditioning adds bourbon flavors such as vanilla, brown sugar, maple, caramel, and spice flavors providing a smooth and subtle bourbon flavor to the beer.  

We have scheduled Wes Nick, Brewmaster, The Farm Brewery At Broad Run in Haymarket, Virginia as our guest speaker. 

Please RSVP to willowsfordbrewclub@gmail.com. Bring your beer, bourbon or Bourbon-Aged Beer and a dish to share. 

For Community Club events and information, click here!


Children's Yoga
Kids are growing up in a very busy, hurry up world, and stress physically and emotionally is starting so much younger.  With busy schedules, school pressures, competitive sports and social media our kids need to learn the techniques at an early age to stay centered and grounded. Yoga brings an awareness to themselves and others, in a practice of mindful movement both physically and emotionally.  Treehouse Fit Kids is now offering classes for Willowsford residents.  Class activities are designed to instill body awareness, techniques and self-esteem as well as functional strength/coordination through movement.  Each class is designed with age appropriate movement, theme and music. Together let's empower the kids to build their strength from the inside out!
Benefits include:
    Increased strength and flexibility
    Improved concentration, focus and attention
    Improved body awareness and coordination
    Management of stress through breathing, mediation and movement
    Learning to live a healthy lifestyle - physically, mentally and emotionally
    Becoming part of a group that is both non-competitive and non-judgmental
    Increased respect for self and others
Classes will be offered at Sycamore House on the following days beginning the week of February 4th
Register here.
Ages 4-5 Thursdays 1:30PM to 2:15 PM
Ages 6-9 Tuesdays 4 PM to 4:45 PM
Ages 10-12 Thursdays 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM 

Yoga (4-week session)

Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 AM at The Lodge. Calm the hustle. Quiet the mind. Strengthen the body. Connect to your inner strength and wisdom with yoga. Join us for practices that will range from gentle to more heat-building vinyasa flows and will all include breathwork and help you create space within the mind, body, and heart. You’ll take each practice with you off your mat, feel centered, strong, and ready for anything. This 4-week session begins February 6th and ends March 1st. $80 for the full session or $40 for 4 classes.  Register here.  

Early Express Bootcamp HIIT and LIFT (4-week session)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:30 AM at Sycamore House.  Rise and Shine and BURN.  Want to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time? High Intensity Interval Training will help you do just that.  No need to spend hours in the gym, we’ve got you covered in under an hour. We mix things up 3 times a week with HIIT, Circuit, Reps, Tabata, and other protocols to make for a totally rewarding and calorie-torching workout. With three times a week you will work all muscle groups and feel the burn. So, wake up, grab your coffee, grab a friend and join us!  All levels and ages (16+) welcome.  HIIT it and go! This 4-week session begins February 4th and ends March 1st.  $100/person. Register here.   

Max Out Cardio Bodyweight Strength & PiY0 Combo

Cardio – Tuesdays at 5:30 AM at Sycamore House.  Earn your afterburn with this high energy cardio and bodyweight strength class.  All levels welcome.  Low impact and modifications offered.

PiYo – Thursdays at 5:30 AM at Sycamore House.  Excellent complement to Tuesday's cardio.  Low impact, yoga-based athletic training.  Rhythm-based choreographer movements.  Learn and burn!  Sculpt, shred, and stretch.  
This Cardio/PiYo 4-week session begins February 5 and ends February 28th.  $75/person. Register here.  

Boot Camp at The Lodge

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 AM at The Lodge.  Boot Camp is designed to give you a full body workout with modifications for all fitness levels.  Cardio and strength exercises are combined to maximize your workout for a strengthening, toning workout incorporating body resistance as well as resistance and weight training equipment.  Each workout is different – utilizing the latest trends in fitness as well as the tried-and-true methods.  This 4-week session begins February 5th and ends February 28th.  $75 for the full session or $40 for 4 classes. Register here.    

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